Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Therapy day: Foods and hauls

Last Saturday, was therapy day. It consisted of both food and retail therapy. Starting with time spent at MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-Op) where I grabbed this ubber handy MEC backpack (pictures found on their website here.) Day one and my hubby got plenty use out of it, my new bag and he got dips on it! Then we went to Sansotei for some ramen~ the eggs were delish and the soup was good. I do have to say that I enjoy Santouka's ramen and soup a little bit more ^_^
Sansotei's Spicy Tantan with extra noodle and extra egg
After food, we split up from the guys and proceed to go to Yorkville, got side tracked at Lush in Eaton centre and picked up a few goodies. My hairstylist told me, I need to take better care of my hair and that it was in dire need of a proper hair treatment for dryness and horrible split ends. The CSR suggested the R&B hair moisturizer as a leave-in treatment for treating dry hair. Being both desperate and impulsive, I didn't even bother doing some research on it first (shame on me) and purchased it. Luckily, the results seem okay so far and I'm happy to report that I need very little products and is already seeing some improvement (used three times already). At Lush, I also purchased a tub of the Mint Julips lip scrub.. The minty chocolate scent reminds me of After Eight, but the husband seems to think it smells more like marshmallows.
The CSR was so sweet to give both Moose and I samples of the Rehab shampoo and the American Cream.^_^ 

After our Lush purchase, we finally went to Holt Renfrew so that I can pick up this gorgeous piece... the reason why we were going to Yorkville in the first place. I had originally wanted to pick up the half zip continental in black but once my eyes was set on the red and pink interior, I knew it had to be mine. I always wanted to get myself a classic piece of accessory before I got married and it wasn't until 6 months after the wedding that I finally found the right one. :) Kelly from the Prada counter at Holt was extremely nice and polite. Went to the back twice to get me the exact wallet of my dreams~ It's currently still in it's box waiting patiently to be used~ 
While at Holt, I stopped off at one more counter to make my last purchase of the day. And since I've been testing out the Jo Malone perfumes for the past 2 weeks, I decided it's time I got the English Pear and Freesia cologne along with the Wild Bluebell. I find this combination lovely and fresh. Robert was so kind to even give me more samples of the Nectarine Blossom and Honey. I think he's insistent that it goes well with the English Pear~ ^_^
Before leaving Holt... Lee from the Clé de Peau counter made me a sample of their face cleanser (refreshing cleansing foam). I've used it a few times and I am currently having the dilemma of keeping the 70$ in my pocket or splurging.... What's the verdict? to be continued...

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