Monday, December 3, 2012

LUSH - Indulgence Haul

Guess who decided to indulge herself to some awesome smelling bath stuff? Yep, the hub-to-be wouldn't get it for me, so I got them myself :)
Ma Bar Bubble Bar, Bubblebeard Bath Bomb, Dreamtime Bath Melt, So White Bath Bomb and a lipstick in Believe
These are honestly such a lovely treat for someone who needs to feel pampered every once in a while.
My late movember - stache
I've been dying to try out the Lush liquid lipstick, and even though I thought I liked Perspective, I didn't end up getting it. Instead, I bought Believe home with me. :)
Quick picture of Believe on my lips :D

01/12/12 --> Used the Ma Bar, and I loved the chocolatey sweetness of this bubble bar! The scent had lingered even hours into the night without being overwhelming. I can see why this was a favourite that couldn't be retired!
11/12/12 --> Used the So White Bath Bomb and Dreamtime. It was just perfect to use for the day before my big day since it relaxed me and allowed me a few hours of sleep that night. My room was filled with the lovely scent afterwards, just what I needed!

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