Monday, November 19, 2012

Topbox November 2012

Hello lovelies!

I was excited to finally be able to subscribe to Topbox. For the month of November I got box 6 and these were the products I was greeted with.
Topbox November 2012
Contents emptied, what remains is very little packing material... which I liked :) It's a little more environmentally friendly.
The card, simple and sweet. They didn't try to pretend they were personalized~
benefit cosmetics mascara, they're real!
Full size China glaze nail polish in Exotic Encounter
Cuccio Naturale butter, in pomegranate & fig
roberto cavalli, eau de parfum
First impression: not a bad box. I was slightly disappointed to get a mascara... In fact I really didn't need another one... I have too many I can't use up, and I received the same deluxe sample from Sephora that I haven't used yet. Aside from this one thing, I like the rest of the box. I got a very pretty teal colour nail polish that goes perfectly with my wedding theme (as tempting as it is, I doubt I'd wear it for the reception.) I also got a very sweet scented body/hand cream that is just the right size to fit in my mu bag, only complaint about that is the cap, I'm scared that it'd come off too easily and the products gets everywhere in the bag. Lastly, I got a mini parfume bottle, which is a lovely addition to my growing minis. :) For $12(plus tax), this month's box is definitely getting an A from me :) Looking forward to seeing December's.

I heard that there were variance with the boxes, but so far the only difference I've seen around is the MUFE eyeliner as well as a different colour of nail polish... but that's it. What did you get in your box? :)


  1. That looks great!

    So many other ladies are getting mascaras in their boxes and worrying about being able to get them used up on time, meanwhile, I am nearly out of mascara and STILL never get them in my boxes! LOL :)

    I love mini perfumes! So cute!


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