Monday, March 12, 2012

More even complexion~

I do not normally bother with bb cream/foundation nor do I usually cover my dark eye circles, but the reason for this is not because my skin is perfect. I am simply too lazy.

This weekend changed everything (for now...)

I was home alone and bored, so in an attempt to find 'the' angle, I decided to take multiple pictures of myself (so vain!)... when I noticed these...
Ugly, semi dark circles that were purple... The colour in this picture is slightly washed out ... but its existence was clear and they are hideous... I HAD to hide them...

And so... before the bridal show I went to Shoppers with Roni (plus her fiancé) and picked these up...
Let's start off with the BB cream...
 Garnier's BB cream
It feels like every company is coming out with their own version of BB cream... and after reading some reviews, it really made me want to grab Marcelle's new BB cream to try out. But we found the Garnier BB cream on sale for $9, so I decided to try it out instead (at the incredibly reasonable price). Here is the swatch on NW 20 skin~

I got it in light/medium and it looks like the perfect match for me... It blended out nicely and unlike asian BB cream, does not have the greyish undertone at the beginning. So far I've only used it for 3 days, therefore I haven't really tested it out fully... but I like it, it does not seem to break me out. The only drawback is that after 2 to 3 hours my face becomes an oil pool on my cheeks and T zone... Today I tried applying a translucent powder and it seems to improve the situation, but will have to see how it does later on :)
Benefit Cosmetics boi-ing in Light 01
As for the concealer... I picked up Benefit's boi-ing in Light 01... it felt/looked like the right shade but now I'm starting to think that on its own it is too light for me, but the medium is too dark... I will mix it up with my erase paste (in medium) and see if it's a better match... will experiment and report :)

so far it's...

Bu-bye dark circles! Hello even complexion :)
No makeup, just BB cream and concealer :)
So I think I know why the Garnier BB cream I got is on sale... look in....
 The first ad is the BB cream... but WITH SPF15!
It looked just like the one I had... so I put it on the page to cover it ^_^

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