Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Loose Button Luxe Box: March 2012

Our monthly description card, plus a dollar Shopper's coupon for R.J. Watkins lotion and an interesting 'seed' card that I'm not sure if I'd want to plant...
My March boxes were pretty mediocre. In my luxe box I received 4 deluxe samples, none of which I was excited about. They are as follow:
Kérastase Masque Age Recharge
Hair mask that I would prolly finish in one or two use... smell is clean and fresh
OPI top coat
I don't wear nail polish much anymore... but we'll see :)
DDF Advanced Firming Cream
J.R.Watkins - Hand and Body Lotion
Overwhelmed with lavender scent~ It's not bad... but was too much... texture of this lotion was nice tho~
*insert big sigh* I had registered for the Cargo e/s, but the system was so laggy that day, I guess I didn't get it~ meh~ TBH I think that the concept of 'First in Line' is really interesting, but I don't think that their network can support that many people at the same time. I feel that it is so unfair... bleh~

These monthly subscriptions don't really have the wow factor anymore... maybe I need to try out something new? hmm~~ what do you think? what did you get?

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