Monday, March 19, 2012

March Haul: Drug store, Lush and Lancome

This month has been stressful~ So I resorted to shop therapy... and this is what I ended up with... (so far)
These were purchased on Thursday... I was out for pho with fiancé and auntie and afterwards we stopped by Shoppers... all of these items were on sale so I decided to try them out :) Maybelline baby lips in Pink Punch was $3.99, L'Oreal infallible eye shadow in eternal black was $9.99 and the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze and Pomegranate Punk for $6.99 each~ Steal right?(at least that's what I'm telling myself...) Anyways, I've only swatched the lip balm, but if you want the swatches of the e/s just let me know :)
Maybelline baby lips in pink punch: 1st picture with flash, second without~ It feels more like a lipstick than a lipbalm as it is not very moisturizing, but is extremely pigmented... If you are shy of bright lips (like me) you'd have to use a light hand with this to get a lovely bright pink (gotta find the lip picture or take a new one and post sometime in the near future ^_^)
On Saturday, after some particularly annoying conversations with Wind mobile's call centre I went to Lush... and Sina (amazing CSR) gave me my first quick facial... I decided to buy everything plus a lip tint... however I gave the Imperialis moisturizer to Mom (not in picture) because I found that it was way too oily for me, but would be perfect for her! I got the Breath of Fresh Air Toner and decided to try the Angels on Bare Skin face cleanser. I'm liking both products so far, but will test it out a bit more to see if my skin likes it as well. As for the lip tint, see pictures below!
I'm loving the natural healthy colour! I debated between It started with a kiss and A million kisses, so Sina convinced me, It started with a kiss is more spring :) Glad he was honest, so glad I listened~ It is a lovely tint that I do not regret adding to my collection, but I have to admit the smell is a bit off-putting and the container can be difficult to open.

I then proceed to Sephora... and got only 1 lipstick but lots of free products~~ I got the email about the free BareMinerals Finishing touches set and that was my cue... I love trying new products!
As you can see.. I also picked up my Nars primer as well as a sample of Nars foundation. I got curious about how well it would do on my skin type and the Sephora CSR matched me with Fiji and gave me a very generous sample :)
Products out of box but not out of bag -__-
Now... Onto the lipstick! I cave into the Lancome, Rouge in Love in 353M Rose Pitimini :)
This was another lovely lipstick with beautiful colour. It applies nicely and smells like Rocket Pop, I'm tempted to bite my lips because it smells so sweet. I find that this lipstick is not as moisturizing as advertise, but this problem can be easily fixed by applying a lip balm before, or after... :) 
Let me end off this post with this picture of a withered tulip... I find it beautiful despite of its state. :)


  1. i looked at the baby lips one for you but it listed beeswax so i never picked it up! interesting lip products you picked up by the way - can't wait to see them on you :) time to update the budget list!

    1. I rmb seeing beeswax when I checked online, but on the packaging of the one I picked up did not say that, instead I see candelilla wax~~ So I am safe XD It's got honey in it, but I've had lots of honey garlic wings in the past week and it did not irritate... I'm not sure what is my problem anymore!


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