Thursday, March 31, 2011

BB cream craze!

I've been following Bubz on youtube for a while now and for the last 2 vids she mentioned this BB cream that she is using now because of recent breakout... so I got curious and looked it up... Now I wanted to try it! The one that she used is the Skin79 BB cream, which upon searching online, I found that this brand have 13 different BB cream to choose from for different skin type as well as different options we may look for in a cream (ie whitening, spf, etc.) They have a chart that help us identify which one is best for "me." So I decided to check out their authorized dealer in the GTA to find that the one in Pmall is out of stock and I could not for the life of me find the one located in Time Square T^T I didn't end up buying it this weekend, which turns out to be in my favour because last night I chilled with Daisy (my bestest bud's girl) and she let me try the BB cream that she had (one from Missha and the other one from Skinfood) Yay!!

I am so excited about this that I tried the Missha one this morning. I found out that it applies on smoothly and really help even out my skin tone. The coverage is light to medium, I think it is buildable, however I prefer just a nice thin coat. The product also lasted me the entire day. Will continue using it for the next week to see results :) Hopefully it'll be everything I need it to be :)


  1. I'm using the Missha BB Creams right now and they're pretty good! :) I ordered mine online but there are stores in PMall that sell them now!

    Let's take a trip to pmall!! :D

  2. i <3 u, yes a trip to pmall to check them out is a must!


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