Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lip Factory April 2013

This was a short lived subscription. I really like the products, and the service was pretty good (quick delivery of tracking number, good customer service.) The price for the box was not too bad either, $26USD for the amount of full sized products that you get. I decided on not keeping this subscription because I just did not need so many products, but wanted to try it out at least once. I did, and then, I let go.

Here is a list of what was in my April box:
  • Two Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow in Dancing machine
  • 29 Cosmetics mascara in Devine brown
  • Lisi Line & Define Eyeliner Pencil in Clear Skies - will be sending it away since most eyeliners do not work on me
  • Ofra Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Bordeaux - I'm not sure if I am a bold lip kind of girl and this gloss looks pretty vampy in person
  • LASplash Cosmetic Nail Polish in Atlantis
  • Sweet Pea & Fay Cosmetics J'adore les levres in Willa
  • Revision Intellishade SPF45 Matte - the only product I've tried, surprisingly, the colour matches me perfectly. Love the high SPF, does not break me out, and is quite matte :) Coverage is only so-so.
I was very happy with this box, and I'd consider getting it if I wanted to try out more makeup products. My only gripe with this month's box was that I really didn't get the spring feeling from this box, though, I have to say, it is following the bold lip trend~~ Perhaps the Spring box is still to come? Shame that I'd be missing it :(

Shu uemura crazed~

My mini haul from the Canadian Shu uemera website was triggered by my recent acquisition of the shu blushes last week... and it arrived within 1 week of order, so I am quite impressed :) 
I purchased a total of three items:
  • SU custom case in black (quad) this is the only colour available, I'd much prefer the white one~
  • SU custom case (duo) from the ob collection
  • SU blush M medium peach 361 
  • freebie was high performance balancing cleansing oil (20ml)

I thought that the duo custom case from the ob collection was too cute to pass. This adorable case makes the perfect accessory and can hold either two shu shadows or 1 shu blush. 
I decide to pick up the quad so that my other two shu blushes (345 and 336) will have a home~
my three new blushes in one week: from top M medium peach 561, M soft pink 336, M soft coral 345
The total for this haul (1 blush, 2 custom cases) was $45.20 taxes and shipping included. I used coupon code artofshu, which got me free shipping plus $10 off $50 purchase. My subtotal for the order was exactly $50, so this ended up being a 20% off, plus I got a free sample of high performance balancing cleansing oil classic (what a mouthful!) I also signed up for an account and got myself 4% cashback XD If you want to use my referral link its or you can go directly to the website and sign up. It's free and a great way to save when you shop online often.

Question for you. How are you liking the pictures now in comparision to the ones from before? These pictures were taken late last night (10pm?) I'm using the same camera phone with no flash and using a new light. I feel like the quality of the picture is better but is that just wishful thinking? Let me know if it matters, cuz it's bugging me~ Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sephora Haul from VIB 15% off sale

Like most shopoholic, I find it a struggle to not invest in a good deal, especially since I've moved to a different area, with a different mall to shop at. The Sephora there is also bigger with more brand selection, such as shu uemura :)

I did not walk in with shu in mind, and I was actually not tempted to buy anything until I spotted the shu uemura section on my way out. After seeing Stylish&literate's post here I kind of convinced myself I should check them out. I did and this was my damage:

2 shu uemura blushes one in M soft coral (345) and M soft pink (336) these babies swatched so nicely, and has great pigmentation. If these are anything like their eyeshadows, then I'm sure the lasting powers will be awesome! Can't wait to try them out :)
The VIB tote and samples were nothing special, I only got 7 packet samples, but I did manage to claim my 100 point perk for the Stila Convertible Color in Peony. :) Ahh my blush craze phase~~ XD

Did you go crazy with your shopping this week?!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

February Glossybox 2013 Canada

Hiya! Here's my ubber late Glossybox. I had cancelled and then reapplied so that I can get their anniversary box and be, well, disappointed? I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but I guess these just didn't give me the kicks it used to. In any case, here's some pictures to entertain you, if you are interested~ XD
This must be the second or even third time I get nose strips XD Before the time of the Clarisonic Mia, I used to be dependent on them to get rid of my black heads.
I quite enjoyed this YSL gloss, its scent is quite overwhelming though. 
And another hair product~
Since I've been quite into neutrals recently, this quad did not interest me much, though, I'd love the check out the rest of the collection.
I got a wet surprised when I opened the package, it appears the lid for the shower gel does not close properly and proceed to cover the rest of the products, booh~ I told Glossybox about it and they asked me to send more picture of the damage... for something that cost so little, I didn't really want to go to the trouble to show them more mess (especially since I've cleaned up everything.) In any case, any paper in the box was thoroughly soaked through and therefore disposed. Meh~ not a happy way to end my subscription.
Afterthought; chances of me going back to Glossybox is quite slim. Over the months of receiving my boxes, I've received multiple full sized products, but time and time again it has been drugstore brands, which was fine if I didn't see what other Glossies around the globe is getting *sigh*

Sayonara Glossy~ 

Topbox April 2013

So hard to say goodbye...

I've quite enjoyed my Topbox subscription in the past few months, unfortunately, due to the excess samples I've received from all my monthly subscriptions, I forced myself to one sub max. Topbox did not make the cut, and this is my last box. :(

I received a regular box that consists of:

  • Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (50ml)
  • Michael Todd True Organics Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub (30ml)
  • KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray (30ml)
  • Narciso rodriguez for her eau de toilette (4ml) <-- :="" but="" fond="" found="" her="" i="" is="" it="" li="" m="" not="" of="" perfume="" sending="" so="" someone="" this="" to="" who="">

Overall, this was not a bad box, since I can use everything or find someone who likes them. It's a very decent priced box, but just did not consistently win my heart. Who knows, I may go back to Topbox in the future, just not really in the rush to get back~

Side note: I really like Topbox's customer service, I had a broken Pure + Simple blush and this time they sent me a new one, unfortunately, it broke again. I've contacted customer service to let them know about it, and they said they'd send me something else. So we will see ^_^
sad broken blush :( Is it worth salvaging?

Ipsy April 2013

So, I've been in hibernation for a while, but thought I'd come back and catch up on some blogging. So let me start off with what I received in my Ipsy bag (current favourite and only subscription.)
I quite like this month's theme of Pretty in Pink~ This is the only beauty subscription I decided to stay with. I might go back to Topbox in the future when my samples run low, but that seems to be a long time coming.

What was in my bag this month:

  • Be a bombshell blush in Sweet Cheeks
  • Sation Nail Lacquer in Love at first byte (love the play on words!)
  • Sexy Hair Soy Renewal
  • Mica Beauty Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Earth

 Two products that peaked my interest are the blush and nail polish :)
I decided to no longer put a gazillion pictures up per post, what do you think? good idea? bad idea? :P

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Warehouse sale 2013

April and May will be months that makes me broke!

Lisa's Cosmetic warehouse sale dates:

April 27-30, May 3-6, and May 10-13
Hours: Saturday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm, Monday, Tuesday and Fridays 10am to 8pm

Location: 1380 Rodick Road, Markham Ontario

Shiseido / Nars Warehouse sale dates:

May 3rd - private sale (must have pass to enter)
May 4th 9am to 5pm 
May 5th 9am to 3 pm 

Location : 303 Allstate Parkway, Markham Ontario 

Ahh~ bad news for a makeup addict~ XD

See you ladies there? :)