Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LOTD: My Nerdy Look~

In case you're wondering, why am I not so diligent lately, I've been lazy, and busy! 4 months to the wedding and we've just picked a place to have the reception XD Anyways, the past weekend was scheduled for some engagement pictures, and just wanted to share with you one one of my looks~~
I borrowed this pair of nerdy fashion glasses from my bro (without his permission!) Such bad older sister :) When I first meet my fiancé, I did not wear make up and was a nerdy looking girl (I still am!)

Aside from a day loaded with Vitamin Ds (very sunny on Sunday) we also had some delicious food~ 
Hope you're having an amazing week :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Squeaky clean with Hello Kitty Cleansing Paste

I saw a review of this cleanser on Musing of a Muse's blog (read her review here) and thought I should try it out... and I'm glad I did! Aside from the adorable packaging, this is an amazing cleanser. My face is literally squeaky clean after using it and it was not drying. The biggest turn-off of this product is the smell, but since I  really enjoy using this, I had to overcome this littler matter. However, if you have no trouble with smelly stuff, then I would definitely recommend you trying it out. :)
I am so reusing this container when I am done with this product!
The instructions pamphlet that came with it is in English, Chinese and Japanese... as well as ubber cute Hello Kitty pictures :)
As a cleaner, this does its job very well, as a makeup remover, I'm not so sure because I'd never use it close to my eyes. This product also last a very long time since you only need to use very little and it can lather up and clean your entire face. I also love the fact that it is so small and compact which makes it travel friendly, I never worry about the product spilling or messing up things in my bag (as my La Roche Posay did.) It is an almost perfect cleanser (if not for the scent.)

Overall Rating ***** / 5 (1 = worst 5 = best)  

OOTD: July 21, 2012

Occasionally, you find something in the men section that looks good and fits well :) I purchased the fedora as well as a leather bracelet (the bracelet is actually on the hand holding the camera) from CK on my recent trip to Atlanta :)
Please excuse the messy hair, this was the only picture showing the entire hat
Hat from Calvin Klein's men section ($16USD)
Top from H&M ($15CAD)
Skinny jeans from Roxy (~$45CAD)
Shoes are Pumas ($38USD)
Bag from Aldo ($15USD)