Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2 e.l.f. hauls in a row!!

:D So glad that I got the first haul the week of Halloween because it helped me create my Halloween look for work!

The first and most exiciting thing was that I got the 100 piece eyeshadow palette from E.L.F.!! Yay!! I got to use some of the shades, such as two different shades of light blue to create the ghostly blueish face of the corpse's bride! Plus the indigo blue and a darker shade of blue to get my eyes and cheekbone the right definition. Although I noticed quite a bit of fallout while using the shadows, I find it is still a decent palette to have (especially at such a good price!!)

I tried the clarifying pressed powder in rosy beige and it seems to match my complexion. It did not cause me to breakout which is so good. Though there is little product, so I will be using it sparsingly (cuz i'm just that wierd... haha)

I got two blushes, one in Glow, from the regular line and 1 in Candid Coral from the studio line. I like both colours because they look very natural on my complexion.

I don't normally use lipsticks because 1) I usually eat them before I get to really wear them and 2) my boyfriend wants to kiss me but not eat my lipstick.... Anyhow... I still end up getting one out of curiousity. I got the "Seductive" lipstick from the regular e.l.f. line and really liked the colour. It is close to my natural lip colour but gives it a more 3D look to it, as well as a more healthy colouring...

I just got this on Nov 2nd, so no comments on the products yet. Though I did use the eyelid primer stick and the purple eyeshadow from the makeup set and was quite happy with it :) Another thing.. the eyeliner from the regular line was awesome! it goes on so smoothly :) really really liked it :) Yeps... really went all out last month... must avoid e.l.f. website... I'm tooo addicted!! haha...