Monday, December 31, 2012

December Glossybox 2012 Canada

So happy to get my Glossybox before the end of 2012! :D I immediately picked it up from my mailbox, took pictures and uploaded them!~ Here's what I got in my box this month!
Tresemmé Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo (56 g)
Aveeno Ultra-calming daily moisturizer SPF30 (73ml) I was looking for a day time moisturizer with SPF, so this came just in time :)
Aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizer SPF30 in Fair to light (75ml) I hope that this isn't too light for me, since I'm a light-medium :| We will find out!
Avon SuperShock Vivid liquid eye shadow in Chromed Cocoa (Full-size) MEH~ got ton of shadows to use~
Glossybox lashes (one pair) [in the background] this would look a little unnatural, too much glam... but I will try it out anyways... If only I had something to do tonight, this would have been perfect =)
Revlon Nail Enamel in Opulent Pink (7ml, full-size) merp merp, its an okay colour, but I think I have it already~ $2 at a warehouse sale a few years back
Tresemmé Split remedy sachet shampoo and conditioner (9ml x 2 packets) [in background]
and... I'm not sure if I was a lucky Glossy, but I got a lovely pair of blue earrings (instead of a necklace.) I checked out the Nobia jewellery website and I couldn't find the item :| In any case, there was also a 30% rebate voucher code: GLOSSYBOX30 and expiration is 02-02-13 :)
Some more photos of this month's box. (Can you tell I'm quite pleased with this box??)
So, what's in your box? What did you think about Glossybox's last box of the year?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Loose Button Luxe Box: December / Winter 2012

Here's my Winter luxebox~ I didn't really take a close up of each product, but I did list each product received and if available the amounts of products in the deluxe samples. Some yays, and some nays. Scroll down to find out :)
Eyeko - Mini Skinny Brush Mascara (4ml) Buhaha~~ so happy to receive this in my box this month. :)
China Glaze in Beauty Within (neon pink for the holidays, now that's a thought...) (14 ml, full size)

B. Kamins Laboratories Day Lotion SPF 15 (15ml) I'm excited to try out this oil-free lotion!! Perfect for my snowboarding trip~! (It's already packed away and ready for the trip!)

Schwarzkopf Professional Dust It (10g, full size) Um... I googled this product, and on one of the websites, this product retails for $20... REALLY? crazy price for oil-absorbing powder... Must do more research?

Calvin Klein Euphoria (15ml) I don't know why I reserved this product, I dislike the scent... and the bottle was meh~

Marc Anthony Strictly curls curl defining lotion (60ml) I don't really have curls... but I do have a frizz problem, so I will be looking forward to using this 'non-sticky' formula in the future :)

Kérastase Cristalliste Lumière Liquide (3ml) With the amount of hair I have... I think this is a one time use product~~ XD

Loose Button Kabuki Brush - Love the soft bristles on this brush. I am always happy to receive a nice kabuki brush~
I'm sad to say, that I've cancelled my subscription with Loose Button. This will be my last box for now. I don't think I'm overly fond of waiting months to receive my boxes. The thrill of receiving 'surprises' each month was part of the reason I started them in the first place. Bu-bye my first box, I'll have to live through the un-boxing of future Luxeboxes through other bloggers! 

Topbox December 2012

Chloé - Eau de Parfum (5ml) another mini bottle of Chloé... I guess I don't need to buy the big bottle~~ haha~
Ferro Cosmetics - Glow Baby Pure Mineral Bronzer (premium sample) I got a pretty decent sample size of their bronzer in Glow baby glow. On their website, this colour is said to add 'a healthy glow' to the skin instead of being a bronzing shade. I will test this out once I get the courage to deal with the messiness :)
Goldwell - Jelly Boost (30ml) this is a spray gel for short hair... Perhaps my hub can use it? Or if I ever chop off my hair~~ The hold on this is a medium :|
Kellett Skincare - Clarifying Acne Treatment (3ml x 2 samples) Kellett Skincare is a Canadian company that has a line of products created to treat adult acne. The gel that I got is for treating of existing blemishes in 'affected areas'. The active ingredient is Benzoyl Peroxide.

Overall, not a very exciting month :| I didn't find it too bad a box, if you didn't have any other subscriptions. I liked that it introduced me to some new brands and products, but there were nothing that had that umph~ I think I do prefer this over my Luxebox... (post is coming up soon~~) How do you feel about your December boxes so far? Nothing is really screaming holidays for me~~ :( booh, I was looking forward to something more festive~~

Monday, December 3, 2012

LUSH - Indulgence Haul

Guess who decided to indulge herself to some awesome smelling bath stuff? Yep, the hub-to-be wouldn't get it for me, so I got them myself :)
Ma Bar Bubble Bar, Bubblebeard Bath Bomb, Dreamtime Bath Melt, So White Bath Bomb and a lipstick in Believe
These are honestly such a lovely treat for someone who needs to feel pampered every once in a while.
My late movember - stache
I've been dying to try out the Lush liquid lipstick, and even though I thought I liked Perspective, I didn't end up getting it. Instead, I bought Believe home with me. :)
Quick picture of Believe on my lips :D

01/12/12 --> Used the Ma Bar, and I loved the chocolatey sweetness of this bubble bar! The scent had lingered even hours into the night without being overwhelming. I can see why this was a favourite that couldn't be retired!
11/12/12 --> Used the So White Bath Bomb and Dreamtime. It was just perfect to use for the day before my big day since it relaxed me and allowed me a few hours of sleep that night. My room was filled with the lovely scent afterwards, just what I needed!

November Glossybox 2012 Canada

Curel Hand and Cuticle Therapy Cream, full size 100ml @ $3.99
The Curel hand and cuticle therapy cream was the only product I've tested so far. I am surprised at how much I like it. It feels nice on the hand and the scent isn't too strong, which I was surprised since the foot cream I got had a strong sweet scent.
Vitabath Exfoliating Citrus Sugar Scrub, full size 70g @$15
Only comment I have about this so far is that I like the squeeze tube. I have another body scrub that is in a jar, and I hate the fact that water gets into it.
Maybelline MNY My Gloss in 485-beige sparkle?!, full size 9ml @ $7.49
Will have to look up the ingredients for this gloss before using it! Don't want my lips peeling before the wedding!
Kryolan Blusher *Glossybox exclusive* in Glossy Rosewood, full size 2.5g @ $16.73 
It's funny because I was expecting my blush to be Glossy Pink, but turns out I got Glossy Rosewood instead :) Swatches will be up later~
Nicole by OPI Kardashiani Kolor Holiday Shades in All is Glam, All is Bright, full size 15ml @ $10.99
I have a girlfriend that I know would LOVE this sparkly polish :) Saving this for her... (If you are reading this post, you are to ignore this part :P)
Nexxus Salon Hair Care: Hydration Kit, deluxe sample 89ml each , estimated value $5.56 (full size products are 400ml @ $9.99 and $14.99)
I thought this would be perfect for my travel later this month~ This shampoo has SLS in it though, so maybe Em will have to bring his own~
Let's just end this post on a sweet note, candy cane from Glossybox~~ Oh how I miss sweets in my boxes!
I like what I got in this box, but can't comment too much on it as I have not yet used the majority of the products. This holiday box is an A for me :) Setting me on the right track for the season~

If you got a Glossybox, please share what you got in your box! I'd love to know~ :)