Friday, September 23, 2011

About me? About you!

Tell Me About Yourself Award!

Today I received my first award: the Tell Me About Yourself Award from blogger Jowee @ only the obsessed! I'm so excited to share this with you all!

the Rules:
* Thank and link back to the person that awarded you
* Write 7 random facts about yourself
* Pass on the award to other bloggers

7 Facts About Me:
1. I like to play zombie games but I can only play them in mute...
2. I enjoy watching vampire/demon related animes
3. My hair is currently purple and I love it
4. I love cats, but I am allergic to them
5. I have been a loyal Nokia client for the past 5 years
6. I am a tomboy
7. I just got engaged ^_____^

These are the bloggers I'm passing this award to:

Michelle @
Wing @
Sarah @

Thanks for stopping by and have fun ^_^

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Loose Button Luxe box: September 2011

I was so excited yesterday because I got my first Luxe box in the mail. I knew it was waiting for me because I checked the status on the Canada Post website and it said delivered. Voici the unveiling of my first Luxe box!! Please be warned... it is picture heavy!

Mini MAC and Estée Lauder Haul~

Here's my mini haul while I was in Atlanta~

This is a relatively small haul knowing how crazy I have gone previously, but it was fun and I love everything that I've tried so far :) Now, onto the haul!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Swatches

I was at Rexall last week to pick up my bf's prescriptions when I stumbled upon the NYX sections... I have previously purchased it in Cottage Cheese and really loved it, so now I want to purchase a few more colours :) Unfortunately, not all colours were available at this particular location, so I only got swatches of the ones they had testers.

Oh and I have to mention that I wiped off the second swatch from the left because it was a lip colour instead of the eye... haha.. Poor planning~ Sorry~

With Flash
In order from Left to Right: French Fries, Strawberry Milk, Lavender, Pots and Pans, Dark Brown, Lime and Pacific... I think... I hope I got the names right... 

No Flash!
I know I am in loved with Iced Mocha, it looks like a nice colour I can wear daily and I think Pots and Pans would be a great eye brightener... Will be placing order on eBay soon! Any recommendations? :)

Oh, I would like to mention one thing, the staying power on these after they have dried is excellent. I left it on my arms for a few hours then went to shower and most of the colours stayed almost as vibrant as they were before... Soap could not remove it all, I needed makeup remover XD

Monday, September 12, 2011

Faux pas: Wearing white after Labour Day

I did the unthinkable today... I decided to wear white to work today... and have been bothered by my male co-workers about it... ugh... who appointed them 'Fashion Police'?

If a gal wants to wear white, she should be allowed to. The weather is still warm enough for it.

But... to stop being annoyed, I conformed and changed into black shoes and a black cardigan...

Friday, September 9, 2011

I heart EOS lipbalm

I'm not one who likes to put anything on my lips. I feel that they dry up more quickly when I do, and I don't like the stickiness that lip gloss leaves. So, I was quite surprise to have completely adore these EOS lipbalms... I am almost done my Summer Fruit, now working on my Lemon Drop and Honeysuckle Honeydew... Truly, I am addicted to these... and the original reason for this is probably because of how fun they are to apply and how good they taste :) I especially liked the Lemon Drop during the summer (or ski season) because it is the only one with with a SPF 15. 

I tried to mix and match, but the lids don't stay on well like this!
These were originally hard to find, but I've spotted them at RW & Co and Rexall and it's suppose to be in Sobey's as well, so I will be keeping an eye out for them :)