Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bday (makeup) gifts from Eh-Lynn and Roni! XD

Surprise on Tuesday meet :) My awesome friends gave me some very pretty and much look forward to gifts! :D

Roni got me the NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Pretty in Pink and Ocean Breeze! They look so pretty and fun I can't wait to use them, especially the pink colours!!!! I will attempt to make the dressy glittery shadows a little more 'subtle' as a challenge :D but the good news is... Halloween is almost here and that gives me the oppurtunity to go crazy with colours! ;)

Alan and I plus a group of us went on a shopping spree a week ago and he got this big makeup set for his mom while part of it.... was given to me ^____^.... this included samples for 3 lipsticks, 2 lip gloss, a mascara primer and a full size Hypnose mascara from Lancome. He also added eye makeup remover pads from Physicians Formula (whish smells like Lavender) and a Bonnebell eyeshadow palette in Girlie Pink....

Wait a sec... what's with all this Pink stuff!?! haha.. I guess I come off as a girlie girl, regardless I'm looking forward to trying them out cuz they are pretty!!! :)

Side note : I used the eye makeup remover pads yesterday and I'm surprised that the scented pads did not irritate my eyes... Although I had to use 1 pad per eye, it did a pretty good job at removing the mascara + eyeshadow + eye primer for each eye... Will test it out further to see if my sensitive decides to react to it later~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Haul: Eyeshadow palettes

I've been looking everywhere for the Urban Decay Naked palette with NO luck =(

So instead, this past weekend I decided to compensate by splurging a bit on different palettes I found in Sephora, the Bare Escentuals Outlet and Aerie (yes they sell make up too...)

I got the Urban Decay - Sustainable Shadow Box and the Too Faced - Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection from Sephora.

In Bare Escentuals I got 2 IQUAD Eye Shadow Compact one in shades of green and the other in shades of pink

@ American Eagle I got a set of eyeshadows for less that 5$!!! :D value deal and the colors were very pretty!~ I especially liked the Taupe and the Champagne colour on the palette and got complimented on it already :D :D :D

Also at The Cosmetic Company I got the Clinique - Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder as well as the Clinique - Concealing pen in 02. I suspect that the mineral powder might be causing me to break out... but it could just be the stressful nature of the month (me getting a year older and all... haha) Will continue using it after the stress is done :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

mini E.L.F.haul... big disappointment...

I got my 2nd haul from E.L.F. yesterday and I must say... I was quite disappointed...

In this haul, I got the Studio line brush set (11 pieces) , e.l.f. mineral booster (in large), shine eraser and the zit zapper... plus a sample of shimmering facial whip...

Although I haven't used any of the products yet... When I was washing my brushes last night I noticed that the quality were not as expected.. I had originally purchased the 'complexion brush' separately... and I realized that the quality for the new one that I got was different, the new brush was less dense and more hair fall-out... I also noticed that when comparing the eyeshadow brush (from regular line) with the studio line I noticed no increase in quality even though there is an increase in price.. well still.. for less than 3$ per brush what should one expect? Now I've accumulated some brushes that I will never use (ikes!!) I'm sticking to ordering individuals in the future!