Friday, May 24, 2013

Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm: mini review

I stumbled upon this during my trip to US a couple weeks back and I'm so glad to have picked it up that I decided on this mini review ^^
Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm SPF 20 in Sunny Berry 30

Sunny Berry is a mauvish berry colour with a slight hint of reflective particles (glitter) in the tube that is not too noticeable when worn. I'm not really good at describing colour, so please refer to the swatches below to judge for yourself~

This lip balm claims that it gives 'softer, rosier and healthier-looking lips, even after you take it off.' After using it for a couple of weeks, I have to say that the statement is partly true. By consistently using this product, I've noticed that the skin on my lips have improved and they did look softer and healthier than before. However, about two days after I stop using it, the benefits are lost.

Another thing worth mentioning is that unlike most tinted lip balm that I've tried, this is the only product that did not seem to emphasis the lines and flaky skin on my lips when my lips are 'peeling' or drying up. What I mean is, if my lips are looking bad, this makes them look good and stays that way until it comes off... Although that brings us to another issue, which is its lasting power... It's not the greatest at at, which means you'd have to constantly reapply it, and because this is a pretty dark colour, you'd need to be careful and use a mirror.

Overall Rating **** / 5 (1 = worst 5 = best) 

I saved the packaging since I wanted to photograph the product with it, but I guess it's also because of the ingredient listing on the back :P

check out it's oval-ness!
swatch: 2 swipes with no flash
swatch: 2 swipes with flash
Thanks for reading! :D Hope you have a fab weekend!~