Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a Halloween party on Saturday, so just wanted to share some pictures with you :) We were suppose to have a zombie movie marathon... that didn't really happen. We watched 28 weeks later, 28 days later, Zombieland, Resident Evil (the 4th one?!?!) and Megamind... :) it was close enough~
we had lots and lots of food!
pumpkin carving, the boys went nuts with it, two had their firsts ;)
and of course, this mini post wouldn't be complete without my costume :)
I'm suppose to be American McGee's Alice from the game Alice Madness Returns... I know my hair is too long, but I also have excessively thick hair that wouldn't stay put under a wig :|
here's some more ppl in costume... except Rose.. I dunno what she was suppose to be :P Uni student? jk~ :)
~~ Happy Halloween! ~~

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NOTD: with nail stamps!

My fiancé helped me applied these seahorses on my ring fingers. Did he do a good job? You can see the purple nail stamp tool in the background.

Nail polish used: Essie pink-a-boo, RGB oxblood and Essie blanc

Simple Glammed-up FOTD

Dior Powder Brow Pencil in Sand 453 <-- gotta fill in those brows!
Guerlain LDP in 02 Beige Clair <-- enough coverage to conceal my blemishes
Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in 53 Beige Clair
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay Naked 2 palette - Foxy, Bootycall, Pistol and Blackout
d.j.v. Beautenizer fiberwig mascara
MAC Mineralize Blush in Pet Me
Too Faced La crème in Nude Beach <-- Although this was my least fave colour, I thought it went well with my understated look. I didn't look like a zombie ;)
Urban Decay All-nighter <-- to set everything in once and for all!!

This was the makeup look I wore on my friend's wedding this weekend. I wanted to bring out my eyes without being overboard. Smokey looks doesn't go well for someone who gets teary too easily, so this look was perfect. Very clean, yet still glammed-up enough for me. This was one of the only occasions I tight-lined my upper lash line. I love how much more defined my eyes look without being too harsh~

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beyond the Rack Haul: MAC blushes

Not so impressed with what Beyond the Rack did to my boxes and plastic cover on my blushes, but I loved the colours I bought. :) 
From the top, clockwise: MAC Sheertone blushes in Sincere and Tenderling, MAC Mineralize blush in  Utterly Game, and Pet Me
Just to confuse myself, clockwise from the top: Tenderling, Utterly Game, Sincere and Pet Me
Easier in a line left to right: Pet Me, Tenderling, Utterly Game, and Sincere
Swatches will be up shortly! (no promises, but maybe tonight?) eventually...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Making a difference - Kiva

This has nothing to do with makeup, but I thought I'd include it here because it's something that I did recently that made me feel better about myself...

I joined the Kiva community in February earlier this year and made a small loan to help out a lady in Peru with her general store. I can't begin to tell you the satisfaction I get every time a repayment is made by my borrower. It's not that I care if I will get the money back (I think of it as a donation anyways), but the fact that she is able to repay means that she is doing good, and in some ways, indicates that her quality of life is getting better. I believed I helped someone and it makes me feel happy. For me, this is a better way to 'make' a donation, because it's great to be able to see the faces of people you help out and also, when they make the repayment you are able to re-lend that money out and help someone else.

If are interested you can use my reference below because this way you'd get a $25 free trial. There is more information about this on the website if you would like more about the organization, or the way the loan works~ 

I encourage you to check it out!

Brand loyalty?

When I first started taking better care of my skin I stuck to the same brand for everything... Moisturizer, face wash, toner, eye cream and all make up (I only had eyeshadows and a gloss). Now, I look at my collection and realized not only do I no longer use any products from that brand(other than the bronzer), but I use products from multiple brands. When did I become so unfaithful?

I suppose, I can blame the internet. For me, if I had not been so into reading blogs and watching youtube videos, I might still be using the same products I've used before. I am a creature of habit and staying in my comfort zone is just me.

But the power of technology has opened the door to this world without limit... I can't go back. That is where the problem lay, because I am constantly in a search for something better.

Currently, for skincare I use at least 6 different brands and for makeup many multiple brands because of my affair with eyeshadows and lip products...

What about you? Are you loyal to only select brands or are you like me having commitment issues?.


Started this post in May and posting it now, since prompted from MUT

BB cream checklist

I find it helpful to make a list of what is important to have or not have when shopping for products. Here's a list I compiled for BB cream.
  • Anti-aging - even though I'm in my late twenties, I think prevention is the best way to treat any problem
  • Colour - Some BB cream have a grey cast, while others are more pink or yellow
  • Cost - Sometime justified with the quality of products, sometimes not.
  • Coverage - I find that not all North American BB cream have the same coverage, some are more like tinted moisturizers and others almost like Asian BB cream
  • Cruelty-free - I haven't really started using cruelty-free products, but I am considering it
  • Glitter/Shimmer - Don't like it and some Asian BB cream have it, so avoiding it~
  • Moisturizing - Added benefit, so that I can skip a step in the morning
  • Non-comedogenic - for someone who is acne-prone, this is nice to have, even though it doesn't decrease your acne, it won't add to it!
  • Oil Control - I've got an oily T zone, so I find this important to have
  • Oil-free - my skin tend to react better to oil-free products
  • Scent - I prefer fragrance free products since I get sensory overload easily
  • SPF - love it for day time, you need UV protection all year round, not just for summer
  • Whitening features - This is an Asian thing, where we always want to be more 'fair,' a nice bonus to have but not a necessity.
What are your criteria when buying a product?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Fall into Fall" - Swap Reveal

Earlier in September I joined the Fall into Fall Swap and was partnered up with Jules from My Mom's a Whack Job. :D Since our parcels had to cross the border, I've just received mine and missed the reveal date, but nonetheless it's here and I'm excited to share!
Note from Jules
All wrapped up!
tada!!! lots of nail polish and gorgeous shiny things (cute tweezer with a heart, compact mirror, ring and 3 nail polishes)
My fave was the ring
This was an attempted close-up
Thank you so much for the the lovely nail polish colours, especially the sparkle purple and neon aqua. Also, I LOVE the ring, it fits perfect on my right hand (since I was holding camera with my right hand so the left one had to model it instead.) It's just my thing!

This was my first swap and I had a lot of fun with it, although next time, I think I need to shop faster or just need more time~ I'm a slow thinker XD I can't wait for the Xmas/winter one!

NOTD: Brown + Gold

Quick post of my nail colour combo~ I'm really loving brown and gold as of lates and it is shown on my nails :) Here I'm wearing Essie's Good as Gold and Nars' Bad Influence... what do you think about this combo? What are you wearing on your nails for fall?