Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Swatches

I was at Rexall last week to pick up my bf's prescriptions when I stumbled upon the NYX sections... I have previously purchased it in Cottage Cheese and really loved it, so now I want to purchase a few more colours :) Unfortunately, not all colours were available at this particular location, so I only got swatches of the ones they had testers.

Oh and I have to mention that I wiped off the second swatch from the left because it was a lip colour instead of the eye... haha.. Poor planning~ Sorry~

With Flash
In order from Left to Right: French Fries, Strawberry Milk, Lavender, Pots and Pans, Dark Brown, Lime and Pacific... I think... I hope I got the names right... 

No Flash!
I know I am in loved with Iced Mocha, it looks like a nice colour I can wear daily and I think Pots and Pans would be a great eye brightener... Will be placing order on eBay soon! Any recommendations? :)

Oh, I would like to mention one thing, the staying power on these after they have dried is excellent. I left it on my arms for a few hours then went to shower and most of the colours stayed almost as vibrant as they were before... Soap could not remove it all, I needed makeup remover XD

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