Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mini MAC and Estée Lauder Haul~

Here's my mini haul while I was in Atlanta~

This is a relatively small haul knowing how crazy I have gone previously, but it was fun and I love everything that I've tried so far :) Now, onto the haul!

I got my first Essie nail polish in Chinchilly. This colour reminded me of my chinchillas, although it is more warm than that of a standard grey chinchilla... I should have taken a picture of my nails with my baby, but Ion will not pose for pictures when being held. Instead... I decided to feature Ninja Pentapus :) Here's the colour indoor... and well a fun photo outdoor :)

When I was in Altanta, we shopped around quite a bit (but usually at night) yet, I didn't find anything at the local mall... It wasn't until outlet day that I finally got some cosmetics... At the CCO, I got 4 MAC eyeshadows; Carbon, Apres-ski, Birds and Berries, Shimmermoss... (Sorry no pictures yet!)

On impulse I got a MAC lipstick in Phlox, it is a sheer light pink and my first MAC lipstick :)

Finally I picked up two Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Shadow Creme in Sea Mist and Deep Orchid.

For fun, I decided to do swatches of the MUFE aqua cream shadows and the EL shadows together and then go shower... Here are the results!

from left to right: MUFE shades 15, 12, 11 and EL shadows in Golden Sands, Sea Mist and Deep Orchid.
with flash before shower
no flash before shower
with flash after shower
with flash after shower
no flash after shower
Can you believe it?! these cream eyeshadows are soooo waterproof! I even gently soaped the area! At the end I had to use eye makeup remover to take off the shadows :)


  1. Nice haul! I've never tried the EL cream shadows.. how are they?

  2. Hey Michelle! The EL shadows are very pigmented and are waterproof. I find that they are easier to apply compare to the MUFE cream. If you buy it at CCO it's half the price of the MUFE. Try them out!

  3. Ploof is a gorgeous color!! I am so impressed by the eyeshadows... how are the textyres?

  4. Very creamy n easy to pick up + apply... Tho if you have oily lids it might crease


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