Friday, April 15, 2011

V.I.B. Sale 15% Off + Spring cleaning~

My friend and I went to check out the V.I.B. sale yesterday to check out the deals... She had perfect control and didn't make a rash purchase but.. yeah.. I splurged a bit... again... Though not without reason! I really need to find the perfect mascara so I got the Deluxe Mascara sampler set. Looking forward to finding my lashes and hopefully there is one that will work to not smudge badly and give me panda eyes.

Another thing I got from Sephora was the "shu uemura Eyelash Curler," my Clinique one is too old and had to retire. I am quite excited to use this because I heard so much good stuff about it, let's hope it lives up to expectation!

Lastly, I spent 500 beauty points for the Smashbox's Perfectly Polished Lid... :)


I also decided to go through my makeup stash to see which products I have that haven't been touched in a long time and tossed them out... which included a few mascara as well as some eye cream + skin care... I know I really should be doing it regularly (clean up every 4-6 months) but we'll see...


Update: Swatches for the Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio: Vanilla, Champagne, Brazilian Bronze

Thoughts: I originally left this at work for emergency use (therefore it was untouched)... but I didn't have time in the morning to put on makeup so I decided to try this out. It instantly brightened my eyes, and made me look more awake. I really like the way Champagne and Brazilian bronze showed up on my lids (even though I didn't prime it)... However, I am not as impressed with Vanilla because it didn't really show up... Overall, I think that this great for neutral looks and daily wear, I am glad to have tried it out! 07.08.11

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