Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shu uemura crazed~

My mini haul from the Canadian Shu uemera website was triggered by my recent acquisition of the shu blushes last week... and it arrived within 1 week of order, so I am quite impressed :) 
I purchased a total of three items:
  • SU custom case in black (quad) this is the only colour available, I'd much prefer the white one~
  • SU custom case (duo) from the ob collection
  • SU blush M medium peach 361 
  • freebie was high performance balancing cleansing oil (20ml)

I thought that the duo custom case from the ob collection was too cute to pass. This adorable case makes the perfect accessory and can hold either two shu shadows or 1 shu blush. 
I decide to pick up the quad so that my other two shu blushes (345 and 336) will have a home~
my three new blushes in one week: from top M medium peach 561, M soft pink 336, M soft coral 345
The total for this haul (1 blush, 2 custom cases) was $45.20 taxes and shipping included. I used coupon code artofshu, which got me free shipping plus $10 off $50 purchase. My subtotal for the order was exactly $50, so this ended up being a 20% off, plus I got a free sample of high performance balancing cleansing oil classic (what a mouthful!) I also signed up for an account and got myself 4% cashback XD If you want to use my referral link its or you can go directly to the website and sign up. It's free and a great way to save when you shop online often.

Question for you. How are you liking the pictures now in comparision to the ones from before? These pictures were taken late last night (10pm?) I'm using the same camera phone with no flash and using a new light. I feel like the quality of the picture is better but is that just wishful thinking? Let me know if it matters, cuz it's bugging me~ Thanks for reading :)

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