Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Glossybox 2012 Canada

Alas, my July box has arrived and I can't really muster up any excitement for the products in it.
Glossybox July 2012
Box with the fancy month card, product info and 1 coupon of $2 off Eucerin products 
I have some dry patches on my skin but overall I'm oily combo, so this will have to go to my fiance, will update on the results after he tries it :)
This is the only thing I'm excited to try! Unfortunately, I only got 4 samples and a pamphlet on the the brand and its product, why no coupons?! :(
Meh? This product is better for winter when skin is more dry, but looking forward to trying it when it's cold~
Funny, this was on sale at Shopper's this past weekend and I almost grabbed one~ Lucky I waited?
Dove?! -__-"
I got a full size Zoya nail polish in Meg. Its a pretty green, but I can only see myself wearing this colour on my toes or on fingernails during the month of October~
Overall, quite disappointed in this box. Rating? C+ sadly, not yet a B. I got my money's worth, but I felt that the products in this box just didn't wow me... I feel like I could have gone to Walmart or SDM to pick these up. Merp~ I will give it one more box before I decide the fate of this subscription~


  1. i didn't mind this months box, it saved me from having to go buy more body wash! lol I got a nice purple nail polish so that wasn't bad and I was excited about the john freida product, mostly cause my moroccan oil's run out and i needed another de-frizzing product and don't really feel like forking out the money for that right now lol

    1. I've had bad experience with Dove body wash, it dries my skin out and makes it itchy. The John Freida product in original is awesome, but I like the smell of Moroccanoil more. I felt that for 15$ I could have gone to buy these myself. This box just felt boring~ :(


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