Friday, December 16, 2011

Eyeshadow Primer: Lasting power test

I was bored so I decided to play with some e/s primers that I have and find out how they compared to each other. The 4 subjects are: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC pot paint in Painterly, Estee Lauder's touch base for eyes in Canvas Deep and ELF eyelid primer (can't rmb if it's from the regular line or studio line...) Let's take a look at my playful experiment!
Just the primer on my inner arm: Too Faced(it's clear, can't see or describe... my arm colour?), MAC(light pink), EL(gold shimmer), ELF (slightly peachy)
I didn't realize that there were colours for all the primers... except for the Too Faced one which dried to be colourless.
For this experiment I used the MAC e/s in Prussian and swatched it as evenly as possible on my arm with an e/s brush... the GAPS really surprised me as I was not expecting bare skin to pick up so little products... It was also interesting to see how the different colours of the primer affected the look of the e/s...
At 6pm
at 1am
After 7 hours, the colour was gone from the EL primer, followed by the ELF... MAC was able to retain very little colour (although the pink itself was still obvious... Even though the colours faded for all 4 products, the e/s on the Too Faced primer was still there after after I showered (and I scrubbed that arm!)

This concludes my little experiment, thanks for reading!!~ ^_^ have a great weekend~

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