Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bday (makeup) gifts from Eh-Lynn and Roni! XD

Surprise on Tuesday meet :) My awesome friends gave me some very pretty and much look forward to gifts! :D

Roni got me the NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Pretty in Pink and Ocean Breeze! They look so pretty and fun I can't wait to use them, especially the pink colours!!!! I will attempt to make the dressy glittery shadows a little more 'subtle' as a challenge :D but the good news is... Halloween is almost here and that gives me the oppurtunity to go crazy with colours! ;)

Alan and I plus a group of us went on a shopping spree a week ago and he got this big makeup set for his mom while part of it.... was given to me ^____^.... this included samples for 3 lipsticks, 2 lip gloss, a mascara primer and a full size Hypnose mascara from Lancome. He also added eye makeup remover pads from Physicians Formula (whish smells like Lavender) and a Bonnebell eyeshadow palette in Girlie Pink....

Wait a sec... what's with all this Pink stuff!?! haha.. I guess I come off as a girlie girl, regardless I'm looking forward to trying them out cuz they are pretty!!! :)

Side note : I used the eye makeup remover pads yesterday and I'm surprised that the scented pads did not irritate my eyes... Although I had to use 1 pad per eye, it did a pretty good job at removing the mascara + eyeshadow + eye primer for each eye... Will test it out further to see if my sensitive decides to react to it later~

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