Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eos lip balm + Pretty eyeshadows...

EOS lip balm in honeysuckle honeydew and summer fruit

After seeing these adorable lip balm I knew I had to find them! Whenever I stopped by a drugstore or any place that sells lip balm I would go through the aisle looking for it... However no luck.... Last week however, I went on the EOS webpage and I found out that RW & Co. sells them... Immediately I went to get them this weekend!! I got two, a honeysuckle honeydew scented one and a summer fruit! The packaging is adorable and the application is unique :) I love things that smell good and taste good, although I'm pretty sure you aren't suppose to eat them (I can't help it! ) This will make an excellent addition to anyone who likes a unique lip balm!

Update: I went to the states a few time and I got the EOS in Lemon drop. Love it! It is refreshing and as a plus has a spf 15 making it perfect for a sunny day out! Also it is easy to open even with gloves as I found out snowboarding at Blue Mountain this year! :)

L.A. Color in Tease

OMG! This was sooo good!! Very intense colours, vibrant and simply beautiful! I loved it! I have NEVER worn red as an eyeshadow... but after I applied this one I really liked it! The first time I used it I didn't use primer and it creased a little... So we'll see how it looks after I prep my eyelids first ;)

Update: yeps better and brighter colours with primer, and does not budge :)

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